BIBEX® Play Tower - Magic Cottage M150 - LONG Slide, 2x Swing, Knot Net, Climbing Stones, Furniture

  • Kit including accessories (as shown)
  • solid pine
  • untreated (NO paint, no chemical load!)
  • 90x90mm vertical and horizontal swing beams
  • 90x45mm braces on the play tower
  • 25mm thick floorboards
  • 18mm thick cladding
  • SKU: BX-WND-HUS-M150
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Slide color
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The play tower fairytale-cottage M150 is fabulous!

because it's like something out of a fairy tale. The walls, door, and shutters are intentionally designed by us to be crooked, creating a cute and playful world for the children. The kids can climb up the ladder and slide down the wave slide on the other side, where they can choose from one of the 5 colors.

The little house also has furniture, namely a table and a bench. The supplied handles should be attached to the entrances, making it easier and, above all, safer for the children to enter and exit the play tower. Not to forget are the many accessories that we supply as shown.

The platform height is 1.50m, and the slide length is approximately 2.70m.
The swing comes in a double version with a climbing net and ladder.

The safety of your children, as well as the durability of our products, is our top priority. These criteria are given special attention in the development of our play towers. The wood processing is of high quality. We deliberately chose untreated and untreated wood so that you can let your children play on it without hesitation. The wood is untreated and kiln-dried. We recommend painting the structure before assembly to protect it from the weather. Regular re-treatment and care of the wood will increase its longevity and enjoyment.

All screws are secured with rounded 2-component caps. Handles make climbing easier. The components have been carefully selected.

The woods are already pre-drilled and partly marked, making assembly much easier.

Schaukelgestell mit Sprossenleiter und Kletternetz

An extremely massive swing frame consists of 5x 90x90mm beams. On the swing beam (2.4m long), either the supplied swings can be attached or any other swing of your choice. This is particularly easy and can be done in a few simple steps thanks to the carabiners.

A knot net adds an extra level of interest to climbing. The rope ends can be pulled taut thanks to special carabiners.

Schaukelklemmen mit Karabinern
Knotennetz gespannt in einem stabilen Holzrahmen

With this play tower, you'll get an additional highlight: a steering wheel that ignites the imagination of your little explorers! The detailed steering wheel is not only an entertaining accessory but also an interactive element that encourages a sense of adventure. Children can envision sailing on the high seas or embarking on a discovery journey as a captain. The steering wheel is crafted with passion and high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting play joy. Another exciting feature that adds a thrilling dimension to your play tower!

klettersteine (bunt)
grünes Steuerrad / Lenkrad

Five solid, colorful climbing stones are included, which are not made of hollow plastic. These sturdy climbing stones not only provide a vibrant design for the play tower but also offer a safe and stable surface for children to climb. In contrast to hollow plastic stones, these solid climbing stones are particularly durable

Climbing grips are not only a playful addition but also contribute significantly to safety. The presence of well-placed climbing grips not only facilitates climbing on the play tower but also provides children with a secure grip and improved stability. The grips allow children to develop their motor skills while simultaneously promoting confidence.

Möbel im Häuschen
klettergriffe, haltegriffe

Our play tower is something truly special, as it not only offers exciting outdoor adventures but also a cozy oasis inside. A little house, equipped with a lovingly crafted table and a comfortable bench, invites little explorers to engage in imaginative play. Here, they can gather, tell stories, or simply take a break. This unique feature adds an additional dimension of fun to the play tower, creating a retreat for creative moments and joyful hours outdoors.

This is how the play tower could soon look in your garden.

You would like to know the dimensions and clearances?

Spielturm Wunderhäuschen - Abstände und Abmessungen
Aufbauanleitung für Spieltürme und Klettergerüste

Assembly Instructions

Our assembly instructions have been created with special care to ensure that assembling our equipment is an effortless and intuitive experience. The instructions consist almost entirely of clear and engaging visuals that visually support the process and make it easy to understand. Please note that assembly should be exclusively carried out by adults to ensure maximum safety.