Play Tower - Knight's Castle XXL+R - combines two kits in one

  • Combines TWO kits in one
  • Two slides of varying lengths/heights
  • Platform height: 1.50m / Slide length: 2.7m
  • Platform height: 1.20m / Slide length: 2.4m
  • Includes accessories (as shown)
  • Solid pine, untreated (NO paint, no chemical exposure!)
  • 90x90mm upright and cross swing beams
  • 90x90mm beams on the Knight's Castle-XXL play tower
  • 90x45mm beams on the Knight's Castle-R play tower
  • 25mm thick floorboards
  • 18mm thick cladding
  • Delivery included nationwide (Austria at an additional cost)
  • SKU: BX-RTR-BRG-730
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New and Unique Play Tower! It's the Knight's Castle-XXL+R, combining two kits in one

We, as the BIBEX development team, put our utmost effort into creating not just something new, but delving into the details and immersing ourselves in the time when we were children. We ask ourselves:

"What was our dream back then?"
"What would have made our hearts beat faster?"
"And what would we have needed to see to have big and happy eyes?"

When we introduce a new model to the market, it's not just something special with various details; it's also a product that we firmly believe will make your children's eyes light up.

The Knight's Castle-XXL+R features an innovative design with 3 platform heights, guaranteeing lots of fun. It is compact and will fit in almost any garden.

So, what exactly is included?
You will receive from us:

  • The entire kit, including the swing frame.
  • Each wooden part has been cleanly planed and beveled. Holes for the large screws are pre-drilled.
  • Accessories such as the nest swing, water slide, climbing grips, steering wheel, and more are also included.

Great care has been taken in the preparation of the assembly instructions for intuitive understanding and logically sequenced construction steps. We avoid text and present the assembly process almost exclusively through understandable images.

What else do you need?

  • Ground anchors (possibly cement for embedding)
  • Protective wood stain/paint (painting before assembly is necessary)

This play tower is delivered in its natural state and WITHOUT paint. Of course, it is up to you how you will colorfully design the play tower.

What features are included in the kits grouped under 'XXL+R'?

Schaukel - Gestell für Doppelschaukel

An extremely sturdy swing frame consists of 5x 90x90mm beams. On the swing beam (2.4m long), either the supplied swings can be attached or any other swing of your choice. This is particularly easy and can be done in a few simple steps thanks to the carabiners.

A knot net adds an extra layer of excitement to climbing. The rope ends can be pulled tight, thanks to special carabiners.

Karabiner für Schaukel
Knotennetz - Kletternetz
Kletterseil - Knotenseil

Since this kit is composed of two play towers, two steering wheels are also included.

A rope with three knots and a substantial diameter of Ø26mm is also included.

Lenkrad - Steuerrad

7 massive, colorful climbing stones (no hollow plastic)

Klettergriffe - Haltegriffe
Klettersteine (bunt)

Climbing grips not only facilitate play but also enhance safety.

Choose the perfect slide for your child. We offer 5 color variations (light green, yellow, red, blue, and pink). If you want two different colors, please email us after the purchase with the desired colors and sizes (e.g., long slide in red and short slide in blue).

These are not ordinary slides because they can be easily transformed into water wave slides in a few steps, providing much joy and playfulness on hot summer days.

Rutschen in verschiedenen Farben

Appealing design down to the smallest detail

We've thought of many small details for this model, just as we would have liked as children ourselves. Please note that this is a large play tower with many individual parts, and the assembly time should not be underestimated. As mentioned above, it is natural wood that has had moisture removed in drying chambers with heat.

The wood is not treated with preservatives and has no chemical exposure. Therefore, we recommend treating the natural product with a protective glaze before assembly.

Flaches Dach mit 8 Ecken.

A hip roof on a play tower?

Yes, we've made it possible with this knight's castle. The tower underneath has 8 corners, completing the overall picture. The corresponding roof has a relatively shallow pitch and also features 8 corners.

Eine Theke für den Laden und andere zahlreiche Spielmöglichkeiten

Our play tower counter invites little adventurers to imaginative role-playing and social gatherings. With a sturdy platform and child-friendly design, it provides the perfect space for creative games and cozy picnics high above the clouds of their own little kingdom.

Eine Sprossenleiter für noch mehr Spaß
Gymnastikringe für eine gesunde körperliche Entwicklung der Kinder
Das Spitzdach - ein Hingucker in Ihrem Garten

We crown our knight's castle play towers with a pointed wooden roof, not only adding a charming medieval accent but also whisking the imagination of little knights and princesses to dizzying heights.

This is how the play tower could soon look in your garden