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Mr. BIBEX begrüsst Sie in seinem Online-ShopChildren's beds: from cribs to youth beds

We offer beautiful children's beds for the children's room and especially for peaceful, relaxing nights. In principle, we are there for you from the very first night at home, with beautiful baby beds for your infant. Colorful and playful, but above all safe in all respects and details, our baby cribs are the very best even for the youngest.

Wherever you lay your little treasure down at night, we naturally attach great importance to high-quality wood that is robust by design, but at the same time does not splinter or have sharp corners and edges, and is beautifully colored and child-friendly.

Good night then: cribs, bunk beds & bunk beds

In addition to the baby bed, we are also happy to equip you and your child's room for the next stages of your child's life. You can also order cribs, bunk beds or the ever-popular loft beds from us. When your child has outgrown the crib, it's time for a new crib. We offer a large selection for a good night's sleep, both for toddlers and for kindergarten or school children. Of course, loft beds and bunk beds are always particularly popular among children's beds. More than just sleeping, bunk beds are exciting and anything but boring, especially with a slide. With our high-quality bunk beds, you can even give two children a nice place to sleep, especially for larger families where children share rooms, our bunk beds are extremely practical and the first choice.

Out to play ❤ Everything for children's fun in the garden

So far so good as far as your offspring's sleep is concerned. But what about during the day? Of course, the little ones want to have great fun at home too, and has the perfect garden play attractions for you!

If you are looking to buy a play tower, climbing tower, climbing frame or tree house, you have found the right supplier in us! We offer you and your children the perfect range for fun in the garden (or, of course, for the kindergarten or playground) for fun and games on the lawn or around the sandpit.

Play, fun and fresh air

And somehow the ranges from fit together wonderfully: because children need exercise, play and fun in the fresh air. With a climbing frame, climbing tower or tree house (or all of these together), you can provide children with the perfect basic equipment for a great day of outdoor fun and games. Romping around, playing hide and seek and playing with sand are all possible with our great outdoor children's play attractions. And in the evening, when they've had a really good workout, the kids fall contentedly into the Bibex crib.

Versatile garden fun with the play tower

The play tower, for example, is a combination of several fun and exciting play options for children. Our play towers are certainly designed that way. Bibex builds on a colorful variety of possibilities that give children a great playful change. Climbing, sliding, swinging With a play tower from Bibex, your child has almost every option open to them. Many models also have little houses or towers where you can enjoy an excellent view. Speaking of which: we have also considered the view of your garden with our play towers. All our play and climbing towers are not only great to play in, but also great to look at.

The greatest gift: the climbing tower

A close relative of the play tower is the climbing tower. It is also an excellent gift for children, even if the slightly older birthdays could perhaps be targeted here. Here, it's all about advanced climbing, but of course this doesn't exclude younger children. The climbing tower offers climbing walls, nets or rungs for kids who want to climb high. However, some models still also offer slides, swings or an integrated sandpit.

Bibex climbing frame for garden play attractions

If your children want to reach a little higher, you can also fulfill this wish by purchasing a climbing frame from us. The transition between play towers, climbing towers and climbing frames can be fluid here. It all depends on how many children of what age use the climbing frame and where their play preferences lie. If you are sure that climbing is your main priority, you can choose from our climbing frames. Here, children can climb up practically all sides to reach the different platform heights via climbing nets or rope ladders. Afterwards, they can start all over again via the slide or a courageous jump into the sand.

The tree house - a child's dream come true

Or you can go up into the tree house instead, for example to have tea with your cuddly toys or play cards with friends. Many children's childhood dreams really do come true in a tree house, and you can make them come true with our range! Like the play towers, climbing frames etc., every tree house in our range meets the highest quality standards in terms of materials and assembly accessories. Of course, it is even more important for your child to have a place all to themselves in their tree house. A tree house is exciting, only children have access and are in charge. Combined with playful elements such as swings, ladders or slides, the tree house becomes a creative center for children's play in the garden.

If you too would like to make such children's dreams come true, do it with and at! Our high-quality children's attractions for the garden, as well as our wonderful children's beds, impress with their child-friendly designs, maximum functionality and safety thanks to the best materials. That's how it should be, that's!