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Our products are designed and manufactured with great attention to detail. However, this also means that assembly should not be taken lightly. Building a playground in your own garden is an exciting project for the little ones, but also for dad, granddad and anyone else who wants to lend a hand.

Starting with the planning and surveying of the plot, right through to setting the posts in concrete. Once you have chosen the right play tower, first check whether it fits in your garden and whether the children can safely play, climb, swing and slide on it without objects or obstacles such as trees, fences and the like posing a danger. If everything fits, you can order the play tower without hesitation.

We will inform you by e-mail as soon as it has been dispatched. Delivery will then only take a few days. A protective glaze and suitable ground anchors with some ready-mixed concrete should be obtained now at the latest, if not already done. A specially equipped vehicle will deliver the packed pallet with the kit and place it in your driveway as far as is technically possible using a loading crane.

The play tower has arrived, but there are so many individual parts! What now?

Don't panic!

Read the assembly instructions supplied carefully and sort the individual parts according to size and the corresponding numbering from the parts list. For example, select the beams with the same cross-section and place them in a corner. Put different sized boards together separately. This creates order and the overview of the numerous parts comes naturally.

You will notice that the beams from the swing and the beams from the play tower are different. The boards of the cladding are different from those of the floors. The parts can also be sorted in this way if you want to paint the play tower in different colors.

A knight's castle looks great when it has several shades of gray. Now it's time to paint. To do this, take support frames and place the wooden parts on them one after the other. In this way, you can give the play tower its final color with a straight back and comparatively less effort.

The assembly can now begin.

  • Follow the assembly instructions step by step.
  • Do not skip any assembly steps and pay attention to the instructions with "!" signs and the size of the screws that must be used in each case.
  • If necessary, measure the part to make sure you are installing the right one.
  • Make sure that the board to be fitted is the right way round, especially if it has holes or sloping sides.

There is nothing annoying about having to unscrew and replace parts that have been fitted incorrectly.

BUT: To make assembly even easier and as error-free as possible, we have created a video for you here. This shows every step of the assembly process so that you can also use it as an aid.

Take a look at our YouTube page:

We hope you have lots of fun assembling and, of course, playing, climbing, swinging and sliding!

Your team at BIBEX GmbH

We make a basic distinction between parcel and freight forwarding shipments.

Small and compact items, such as items from our range of accessories for play towers, can be sent as a parcel. The delivery time is expected to be 2 to 4 working days after our shipping confirmation.

In the case of shipping by forwarding agent, you will also receive a shipping confirmation by e-mail on the day we send your order to our shipping partner. Collection usually takes place on the next working day. The delivery time from this point is 2 to 5 working days. The shipping company will contact you by telephone to arrange a delivery date with you or to obtain your permission to leave your order. 
Therefore, when placing your order, always state a telephone number where you can be reached during the day.

For the expected delivery time, please refer to our information in the respective product description. These may change depending on demand and season.

For logistical reasons, we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date and this always varies by 1 to 2 working days.

Please also note that after our shipping confirmation and the announcement on the part of the shipping company, the delivery must be approved by you within 4 days, as from the 5th day the shipping company can charge storage costs, which we have to pass on to the recipient.

To ensure the safety of your children, it is advisable to anchor any play equipment firmly to the ground, even if it already looks stable and safe. This anchoring significantly increases the stability of the tower or swing. The anchors are discreetly attached to the posts of the climbing tower and are not visible from the outside, depending on the type of anchor you choose. In general, we recommend anchoring every post that touches the ground. Ladders and climbing walls should also be secured with two anchor points each.

Please note that this type of assembly is only an idea and a tip for you. If the terrain, the weight of the play tower or other conditions are not suitable, it can also be anchored in another way that suits you. In our opinion, this is an excellent method for anchoring light to medium-weight play equipment. The heavier models are not easy to move. Consider and decide for yourself whether you can and want to use this method!

Streichen Sie das naturbelassene trockene Holz vor dem Aufau in zwei Schichten. mit einer Schutzlasur/Farbe/Lack. Am besten in 2 Schichten.

Assemble the play tower about halfway so that it remains stable but not too heavy.

Place the play tower in its final position where it is to be anchored.

Use a shovel to make marks in the ground around each post that is to be anchored.

Move the play tower slightly to one side.

Dig holes of appropriate depth and diameter, but at least Ø 20-30 cm and 70 cm deep.

Place unusable wooden planks over the excavated openings and push the play tower back so that each post stands on these planks.

Place the ground anchors and screw them to the uprights.

Balance the play tower by varying the thickness and number of base boards.

Pour concrete into the openings and leave to dry. For a faster drying time, there are 
"Quick-drying concrete" on the market.

After curing, remove the support boards.

Once the concrete has been poured a little deeper than the ground surface, you can pour back the turf that was previously removed so that the foundations are no longer visible.

If you have any questions about our products, you can reach us Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 16:00 on +49 40 6085 7795.

When you place an order in our online store, you will receive an e-mail in a few moments to the e-mail inbox you have specified. This will contain all the important information about the order, as well as the terms and conditions, revocation instructions and data protection.

As soon as we send your order to you, you will receive another e-mail confirming dispatch. This e-mail contains an invoice in PDF format as an attachment.

Even with the payment method: bank transfer (prepayment), the invoice will only be created and sent with the shipment. In this case, you can enter the order number or customer number, which you will receive with the order confirmation, as the reason for payment.

As a company, we are still based in Hamburg. However, our warehouse, from which most of our products are shipped, is located in Saxony. If you are from the region, please contact us if you would like to/are able to collect a product from us yourself.

We basically divide all our products into two shipping groups. The first is parcel shipping, which we handle with DHL and send you a shipment number by e-mail,

and the other is forwarding, which is mainly transported with our own vehicles. In this case, we do not create separate shipping numbers, as the truck brings your ordered goods directly to you from our warehouse without reloading.

You will always receive a shipping confirmation when your parcel leaves our warehouse.


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